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No Spending Week

June 17th, 2006 at 04:57 pm

To try to off-set the market and the big chunk leaving my retirement fund I frugled my way through the week. I usually burn a quarter of a tank of gas a week, I managed to cut that in half. I ate at home, used the library, stopping on my way home from work to save gas. I drank less soda and more tap water. I spent my free time decluttering in and found 250 in travelers checks. WOW. I do not know how long I have had them. So I almost could say I made money this week. I deposited it in my Emigrant account. I also closed my .40% interest savings account and moved that monies to the Emigrant as well. I also rebalanced my 401k. I think I'm set for the summer and just relax with my finances for a bit. It's a little hot and humid this weekend, summer has arrived. I made some hard lemonade and will drink away.

2 Responses to “No Spending Week”

  1. spendless Says:

    Great news about the traveller's checks. My 401K has taken a beating in June, also. I probably need to rebalance my distributions as well.

  2. ima saver Says:

    What is hard lemonade??

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