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Lazy Days

July 11th, 2006 at 03:38 am

Coin jar total for June was 89.52, not bad considering how many no spend days I had in June. This is vacation month so I don't plan on much headway. I still put in to savings and investments as on budget but I don't plan on anything extra going in.
We are doing much more planning with the car trips with the gas prices climbing. Something we did before but extra trips weren't that big of deal, now, well we really think. We travel a bit to get our groceries but the store is a big savings for us. We ran out of bread the other day, our local store charges a dollar and quarter more for the same loaf we buy, it just wasn't worth it for us to travel to our other store for the difference. Still,it was so hard to pay that much for bread when I know I could have gotten it cheaper. Ouch.