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So Far so Good

June 23rd, 2006 at 07:08 pm

I readjusted the budget for this month and so far it's worked quite well, I think I'll keep it going next month without changing a thing.
No spending days have added to my savings nicely. I haven't noticed much change in feelings (like I'm bored or feeling poor) I took my 401k from risk to low risk. It was just making me crazy losing my hard earned cash so fast. My American Freedom accounts interest rate went up to 4.80% I am jumping for joy and so, so glad I found out about Internet Banks. I did close my savings account I had in town here, earning .40%. I'm ending this month feeling pretty good about things.

1 Responses to “So Far so Good”

  1. Money making ideas Says:

    good for you, minor adjustments always work to save money.

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